Our Programs

Open Shop Nights

Once a week, we allow access to our shop, tools, and supplies, and provide a space anyone can use to fix and maintain their own bicycles.  Volunteer mechanics are available for assistance, so wrenching skills are not as important as the desire to learn.


Learn and Earn

Learn and Earn attendees work as a group on a bicycle to be rebuilt and put up for adoption at ECBR.  Each session take 3 weeks to complete, and the classes cover these subjects.

These classes are hands on, and cover the most common maintenance and repair topics seen at ECBR.  Tools and supplies are provided by ECBR for each class.

Participants who complete 3 Learn and Earn sessions will have the opportunity to choose 1 of the available "basic" bicycles available at ECBR once participation is complete.  Higher end bikes require more volunteer hours based on the value of the bike.

On-Site Repair Clinics

Bicycles for Adoption